Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jambalaya Katie Style

Canadian Thanksgiving was a wonderful evening of listening to the family discuss what we are all thankful for. Having a 6, 5 and 2 year old tell us what they are thankful for is ridiculously adorable. Such sweet moments. 

For dinner we went super traditional...oh wait. No. We didn't.

This Jambalaya recipe is something I through together and though I am not a recipe follower I do recall what I through in. If you are wild and free just toss this recipe together as I did. A dash of this and that, your set!

16 Prawns
1lb chicken tenderloin 
5 Turkey sausages (spicy)
2 green peppers
1-2 hot red peppers
1 jalapeno
1 onion (white or yellow)
1 can tomato sauce, ideally pretty plain.
Jerk spice
celery salt

Cook your turkey sausage in advance. Cook chicken in cubes until almost cooked through, then set aside.
Chop your onion and cook in saucepan until clear, add in chopped jalapeƱos and hot peppers and cook until fragrant on medium. Add tomato sauce (I use hunts traditional in the big can, I am fancy like that). Add in your salt, pepper, jerk spice and celery salt. Add in your chicken and chopped up turkey sausage and green pepper. Once that has cooked for 2-3 minutes add in your prawns. Once they are cooked through serve immediately and enjoy the flavor sensation. Joy. 

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