Friday, October 16, 2015

It's not my fault.

How often do we find ourselves looking for a way to blame ourselves. Yes taking ownership for your own actions and their outcomes is important...but what I am discussing goes beyond that. We have this need to place our ego onto things where it has no place, no home. For example we blame ourselves for the way people feel. I don't want them to feel bad so I won't say that. Spoiler alert, its not your fault. We certainly can be aware of our words, but when you speak from a place of love and non-voilence or ahimsa, we can only take ownership for our own feelings. To the receiver of the information, it is their choice how they want to interpret. This is just one example, however today I am navigating my physical body. Perhaps it is not my fault. I struggle with accepting this. Do not get me wrong, that doesn't mean I am going to run out and eat a donut, because I know I will then feel awful. I know how food effects the way I feel and there is no doubt I can ease my pain through proper nutrition. But I heard a whisper of a thought last night. Katie. What if it's not your fault. Can you let go of blame? Can you let go of shame? Trust me I have enough of a nasty storm in there without this hassle :) I refuse to dismiss my body speaking to me. I am blessed with strength and love around me...and talk about ahimsa as I put my beliefs onto the people around me. Telling myself they are judging me? Who does that serve? I certainly don't feel good about it. So here we are again my sweet little non-violent friend. It is not my fault. Today I am letting go of blame and shame. I can only hope that I will have answers one day, but in the meantime I will continue on in my own badass way.


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