Saturday, September 26, 2015


I am lusting to blog. I missed sharing my food and thoughts. I think that moving into a really good place recently in a spiritual and physical manner has allowed me to come back to certain enjoyments I had left behind. So this is me. The ever evolving creature, I do love change.

Recently I have been challenging myself to be fearless in my posts and actions. Typically I feel that I am true to who I am but slightly holding back. So I am letting that go. I have been posting a lot of images on instagram lately that I normally would not for fear of showing too much or being too bold. Then I realized that in order to be the best of who I am, I have to get out of my own way and be bare and raw and beautiful. So I have challenged
myself. Whatever image that speaks to me, I create. I post unapologetically. Sometimes I make people uncomfortable but that is for them to delve into why another person brings up feelings. I am on my own journey and I plan to do not harm and only share love and kindness but sometimes I am not nice and I swear when I should listen and I fight when I should surrender. I am learning. This is my evolution. My physical strength and flexibility keep growing because I am becoming more flexible in my mind and sturdy in who I am. It is all connected.

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