Sunday, September 7, 2014


Recently on a trip to Canada I met up with one of my cousins I had not seen in a few years and had the joy of meeting her new baby. It is always refreshing to see family and chat over the happenings of the times between seeing them. Funny how life can be summed up quickly and you can get a little overall picture of the years past. Anyways, while discussing motherhood with my cousin she mentioned something wonderful about expectations. I have read and heard many people discuss removing expectations about yourself and others to bring more peace and enjoyment to life but the application of this way of thinking has not really moved into use in my life, until now. The way she described it was such a joy. I asked her how her baby was sleeping at night. She said that its different each night. She goes to bed with no expectations regarding how much or little sleep she might have. She gives her son what he needs. If he sleeps, great! If not, thats ok too. This shift of not limiting herself or her child to rules and expectations brings so much happiness to me. This ability to just be open completely to the needs of her baby without holding things like resentment for lack of sleep, for example, is eye opening. I was left with this new understanding of my cousin and complete admiration for her ability to go with the flow. She is a happy woman. Her baby is happy. I was so honored to witness it.

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