Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome to my blog and my first post!

After some requests from friends I finally have decided to start this blog. My intention for this blog is to post about things I am passionate about. I am a yogi, a foodie, a runner and a thinker. My interests shift quickly but my love of yoga is steadfast so it seemed fitting to devote the name of my blog to something I can trust will interests me through the years.

Well, lets get started shall we? Right to the knitty gritty. Oh, I am a knitter so thats another things I will post about. My name is Katie. I am 100% crazy. I love deeply, I feel passionately about many things, I love finding happiness and sharing what I have learned. Happiness has come to me in many ways and through some surprising circumstances.

Since I was 15 I have struggled with being bipolar 1. The difference between bipolar and bipolar one is that I am super lucky and can hallucinate when hitting peaks. So for me my life's peaks and valleys have been, well, extreme.

I have been struggling in my life. I have been filled with anger, self hate, loathing, mistrust, judgement, pain, fatigue and more. I have lacked love for myself and patience for others. For years I looked over my shoulder for fear of some form of attack. And paranoia of the unknown. I spent so much time and energy worrying about things that have no relevance that I was left in despair.

When I had my third and final baby I was blissfully in love with him. Motherhood has blessed me in ways I cannot explain. My children make my heart swell with love. At the same time I was enjoying all the love and snuggles of my baby, I was struggling through marriage problems. I was so disconnected from myself and the connection my husband and I once had. This turmoil of love and hate was filling me and effecting all of my decisions.

With the help of people who care for me and want only good for me, I received valuable advice. In the final moments of deciding whether or not to stay married or leave in a furry, I decided to give love. It was not easy. I gave love to myself. I fed myself to nourish my body, as opposed to my aching heart. I fed my family well. I chose to make changes, like packing lunches with good food for my husband. I chose to love myself and love others around me. Soon my husband felt the benefits of healthy eating and he joined me on my journey to health. Suddenly we were smiling at each other. I would be excited when he got home from work.

We decided to set weight loss goals. We started running together. We were losing weight fast. The strength we gained as a team while reaching goals together naturally connected us. We were friends again.

As Winter neared I decided to go to a free yoga class. I had always loved yoga, but having babies is time consuming. It was time to return to my mat. My happy place. I went to that one class and was hooked. HOW could I have forgotten my love of yoga? How did it fall away into nothing for so long?? Soon I was taking more classes and finding more connections. I was socializing, coming out of hiding. My body transformed more. I was literally following my bliss.

Food, yoga, and family. Not even a year had passed when my life turned around. By my youngest sons first birthday I had lost 80lbs from the last day of pregnancy. The physically transformation pales in comparison to the true change which has come from within.

I have so much to share and I hope that you too, will find your path to joy. I hope that reading my blog will inspire others.


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