Monday, November 14, 2016

Take hold of grace by faith

It is with an open heart and love I am taking a big time out to speak about the turmoil in our world today. We are seeing racism thriving out of its hidden darkness, hate cast upon religion, an outpouring  of dehumanization to immigrants or people viewed as not belonging here, relentless rage towards the LBGT community and so much more. I have witnessed through the lens of social media a rift between families and friends. The response to all this negativity is being met with hurt, sadness, hopelessness, anger. But on the other side a beautiful coming together of like minded people who see through the fog of fear and are rising  up for what they believe in. 

What I am about to share comes from my beliefs and faith in Jesus my personal savior. I would ask that those of you, who immediately wanted to close the browser and keep it moving, take  a few minutes to perhaps gain your own version on the perspective I have. My motivation is to find strength and togetherness while also being a faithful servant of God. If God is for us, who can be against us. 

I maintain  my position of peace and contentment by my faith. What is faith to me? Hebrews 11:1 ~Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things no seen. ~ I believe air exists, I cannot see it but the evidence is my ability to breath. I have 100% faith that air exists. Gravity exists, I cannot see gravity but I have faith when I jump off a step I will land on my feet. 

Grace was given to us and we tap into grace by using our faith. Our grace exists but without faith we cannot receive it. Imagine it as PG&E. The power company supplies the energy but it's up to you to turn on the switch. The energy exists but without you using it, it has no ability. So we use our authority from faith to tap into our healing, our prosperity and our ability to manifest what it is we want to achieve. Now, God is love, so any choices we make with positivity is giving power to love. When we respond with fear to a situation we are giving that power to negativity. So when we choose to respond in life, are we responding with faith or fear?  If you respond to sickness with faith you have a positive response which allows for healing. Under grace you have the authority to heal but you need faith, unwavering faith. If you have a problem with your faith, then you will have a problem with your manifestation. Some of us experience bursts of faith, but perhaps only in church or only when you see things going your way. When real life hits you start to waver. When you waver you are taking yourself out of faith and responding with negativity and therefore losing your power. If you are sick and you have the faith to believe in your healing and the power given to you by grace...but pain comes it is your response. Respond by faith, the fight comes...the good fight...and we have to choose accordingly in the midst of controversy. If we throw our hands up and say God has abandoned us, you have lost your fight, your faith and your authority under grace.

Life is a fight of faith. Satan or negativity suggest to us ideas of hopelessness, fear, hate and it is up to us to choose to entertain his suggestions or respond with faith, love, positivity and any other word you want to use. 

Things in the natural world will fail, the evidence is before us. We who are for hope and believe in hope when hope seems unimaginable are going to persevere. If you BELIEVE then your belief with birth action and action will create change. Whatever you consider the most you will be willing to do and believe in, therefore having faith in your belief and at that point use graces's authority to create it, your works will come to fruition. 

When you are highly developed to fear or you consider fear often, the things you fear will come to pass. When you become highly developed to faith and belief, those  things you consider most will have power. It's what we set our minds to, it's a practice of controlling our thoughts and be aware of what we are thinking that will create the response we desire. Remain constant, have patience, do not fall into the trap of despair or hopelessness. Do not allow sadness or defeat into your hearts because they will consume you as they are being fed the power of negativity.

Our greatest tool of worldly things is our mind. 

Have faith. Have hope. Thank you Jesus.

Love Katie